Maker Faire 2019 – Breakout Workshop Sessions

Jun 08, 2019 10:00AM—5:00PM


Eastern Long Island Mini Maker Faire

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Thank you for your purchase of tickets for the East Long Island Mini Maker Faire. We have a limited amount of spots available for preregistration to the following workshops, made only available to advance ticket holders.

Please Only Register for Workshops you are confirming you or your child will attend.  Makers need accurate numbers for workshops. 

We have available a limited number of spots for our most popular Maker Faire workshop for  preregistration for the Eastern Long Island Mini Maker Faire on June 8th, 2019.

*Workshops times and locations are subject to change. While preregistering lists you as an attendee, it does not guarantee availability*

*additional workshops registrations available the day of the Faire at a first come first serve basis.

Ray's Robots
Ray Rumore, experienced kid robot builder will help you build your own mini-bristle bot robot to take home.
Maker:  Ray & Chris Rumore
Age: Ages 6 and up
Workshop Time:  11:00am

Fold n Fight Bot
Do you have what it takes to build a winning robot using nothing but cardstock and tape? Come find out by joining Andrew, the found of A.I. Labs at the ELIMMF. Put your crafting skills to the test and create a unique bot that will go head to head with others. Then, have a chance to fight the house bots to win the title of ultimate champion. Afterwards, learn how to make your own chassis and motor to impress your friends!
Maker:  Andrew Iacona
Age: Ages 9 and up
Workshop Time:  12:30pm, 3:00pm

Cosplay 101- Cosplay 101 is a presentation designed to help those interested in entering the cosplay world for the first time, as well as those just starting their cosplay journey. The presentation's intent is to inspire and motivate those that wish to cosplay to move forward with those intentions whether it be through closet cosplay, purchasing from a seller, commissioning a maker, or becoming a maker themselves and making their own costumes. Foundations of how to create their own costumes are discussed -- from sewing and foam-making classes, to pattern-work, painting, and more. |
Maker: Liz Vasquez
Duration:  45 minute- 1 hour workshops 1st make-up and wigs, 2nd posing and photos
Age: Ages 12 and up
Workshop Time:  12:30pm, 2:30pm

Neurology- We will use craft materials to make a mode of the nervous system and talk about how eyes, mouth, nose and ears connect to the brain so you can see, taste, smell and listen. The workshop is organized by a group of scientists working in the department of Neurobiology and Behavior at Stony Brook University. It is for children 2 and older. Parents are welcome.
Maker:  Arianna Maffei
Age: Ages 2-8  Parents are welcome.
Workshop Time:  1:30pm

Modern Pop Art-Cereal Box Collage- in this workshop, participants will have the opportunity of meeting & working with a Michael Albert.  They will also make their own collage using cereal board and other printed cardboard packages.
Maker:  Michael Albert
Age: Ages 9 and up
Workshop Time:  10:30am, 1:00pm

Padawan Training,  Star Wars- Endor Temple - Padawan Training (max 25 kids) interactive lightsaber and force training class, our "Padawan Training Institute". Children will learn the basics of the force and the basics of using a (provided) training lightsaber.
Maker: Andrea James
Duration: (30-45 min)- cap 25 children
Workshop Times: 11:30am, 2:00pm
Age: up to 12
Must bring ticket to table prior to workshop.  Additional Disclosure must be completed before event.  

Light Saber Choreography (limit of 10)- partner up with an experienced Saber Guild member to learn the art of light saber choreography.  This Lucas Film non-profit has experienced members that travel around the country, participating in events to help different causes.
Maker: Andrea James
Duration:  (1 hour)- adults- cap 10 adults
Workshop Times: 12:30pm
Age: Ages 12 & up
Must bring ticket to table prior to workshop. Additional Disclosure must be completed before event.