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Limited Time Partnership with CMEE
April Spring Break Camp

Past Events

April Events

April 4

Thursday After School Art Class Series: Installation Art

Transform - the young artists will explore what is means to transform a space and have the ability to make changes through ephemeral installation.

April 6-7

Tesla Visiting Exhibit

We debut our visiting exhibit from the Tesla Science Center. Join us in discovering the "Science of Sound" through the inventions of the great scientist Nikola Tesla.

Get hands-on with a singing Telsa coil. Experience musical lightening. Play with voice and vibration devices, and more, all afternoon.

April 13

Maker Spotlight: Anurag Purwar & SnappyXO Robots

We welcome Professor Anurag Purwar who will share his famous SnappyXO robots. Join us and start building your own robot.

April 14

Tesla Visiting Exhibit

Explore the "Science of Sound," our visiting exhibit from the Tesla Science Center. This week, get great vibrations by trying out a musical theremin player.

April 20

Tesla Visiting Exhibit

The Science of Sound from the Tesla Science Center is with us for two more weeks. Saturday, April 20, we feature a singing Tesla Coil. Come in and experience musical lightening, and a variety of voice and vibration devices.

April 21

Closed for Easter

April 22-26

Open all week for Spring Break 1-5pm

Explore various species of butterflies by creating your own butterfly feeder!

April 23

Atlantic Marine Conservation Society

Learn about how our local marine environment is harmed by marine debris such as littered straws, plastic bottles, and “ghost” fishing gear. Learn how you can help save marine wildlife by monitoring our beaches.

April 27

Maker Spotlight: Stony Brook University GEO Club

The Stony Brook University Graduate Education Outreach (GEO) Club returns to help us design, construct, and test our own catapults using some cool, but common materials. We'll consider the art of design and the physics of launching in this hands-on engineering challenge.

April 28

Tesla Visiting Exhibit

It's the last week to tinker around with the "Science of Sound," on loan to us from the Tesla Science Center. On Sunday, April 28, 1:30 -3:30, use the theremin player to make beautiful sounds. Play with the voice and vibration devices all afternoon!

March Events

March 2-3

Celebrate Dr. Seuss’s March Birthday With The Explorium

Kids can whip up a batch of oobleck at the Long Island Explorium in Port Jefferson this weekend. aaaa What is oobleck you ask? It’s an unusual liquid with varying viscosity made popular in Dr. Seuss’ book Bartholomew and the Oobleck. It’s actually just water, corn starch and food coloring mixed together.  Kids are welcome to do their own chemistry experiments with the goo.

March 7

Surrealism, Dreaming, and Art

Let’s talk Surrealism and experiment with magazines, pictures, pastels, and more to create a surrealist collage.

March 9

Maker Spotlight:  Moira Chas, SBU mathematician

Maker Spotlight:  Moira Chas, SBU Mathematician Celebrate Pi Day with Stony Brook University mathemetician Moira Chas. We have various solutions and wand-making materials. Now it's up to you to make 3-D wands for making bubbles. 

March 16-17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Be a green engineer and design a trap to lure lost leprechauns. We want to safely transport the leprechauns to their pots of gold in the land of rainbows.

March 16-17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Be a green engineer and design a trap to lure lost leprechauns. We want to safely transport the leprechauns to their pots of gold in the land of rainbows.

March 23

Maker Spotlight:  Artelier Artist Maker

Ever stitch with a sewing machine or a big plastic needle? Come join us and create your own fabric art with our resident artist, Ms. Ama.

March 28

Painting with Fabric

Have you ever painted with fabric? We will create a still life with different color textiles and fibers.

March 30

Maker Spotlight:  GEO Club

GEO STEM CLUB Rainstorm in a Jar:  Work with Stony Brook University Graduate Students to make a “rainstorm in a jar.”

February Events

February 2-3

“Ring of Fire” and “Miles of Tiles.”

The Long Island Explorium is proud to present exhibits from the Museum of Mathematics in NYC: “Ring of Fire” and “Miles of Tiles.” Don’t miss these 8 week traveling exhibits! Join us and create surprising lines with solid shapes at “Ring of Fire”. Create tantalizing tesselations at “Miles of Tiles”.

February 9-10

Message in a Bottle

All month long our theme is love and this weekend we create a message in a bottle. Design a heartfelt note for someone you respect, appreciate, or value.  Celebrate the season of love at the Explorium.

February 16

Maker Spotlight: Biomedical Engineering Society at Stony Brook University

Biomedical engineers fix common health problems. Share your ideas to help ACL injuries or ways to help hands stay safe when cooking? Then, put electrodes on your strong arm, and wrestle with a friend. Let’s see how high you can move the lever.

February 17

Museum of Mathematics Exhibits

National Museum of Mathematics exhibits "Ring of Fire" and "Miles of Tiles" are at the Explorium! Last day of exhibition - March 24th, 2019.

February 18 -22

Winter Break “Ala-Carte” STEAM Camps

By popular demand, we are offering FIVE days of our well-loved unique STEAM workshops! You can register for 1 or 2 or ALL 5 days. There’s something for everyone of ALL ages and Every day is a unique experience!

February 23

Potato Astronauts

Potato Astronauts: Design and test spacesuits for “Potato Astronauts” with Stony Brook University’s Graduate Education Outreach Club.

January Events

January 5-6

Let’s set things in motion using chemistry!

Become an oceanographer and discover how density is used to study the ocean by creating your own ocean in a lava lamp.

January 12-13

Have fun with Ozobots!

Robots that you can code, create and play with in endless possibilities.

January 19-21

Dr. Martin Luther Jr. Day

In honor of this day, let’s create works of art that celebrate the beauty and diversity of each and everyone all weekend.

January 21, 9 am - 12 pm.

Special Art Camp with artist Amarilis Singh from Artelier

We will be exploring the possibilities of transforming paper into tri-dimensional forms to create a sculpture.

January 26 -27

Color Chromatography!

Discover the science of colors by finding hidden colors in water-soluble makers.

December Events

December 1

Maker Spotlight: Smithtown Robots

The Smithtown Robotics team will be at the Long Island Explorium on December 1st demonstrating our 120-pound competition robot, which was built in just six weeks! They will also have interactive activities with Ozobots and Vex bots for technology enthusiasts of all ages. “

December 2

Maker Spotlight: Cara DiGirolamo

Our Maker Cara DiGirolamo is a journeyman maker and illustrator. Marbling is a curious art form that creates unique and dynamic images on paper or other objects. Marbled papers are traditionally used in bookbinding and calligraphy but are also great for origami and scrapbooking. Kids will learn how to make marbled paper and have fun creating works of art.

December 8-9

Let's Celebrate Light!

Explore patterns while creating a luminary to light your path.

December 15-16

Let's Celebrate Snow!

Explore the science of snowflakes and make one to take home!

Dec. 22nd-23rd, Dec. 26th-31st

Let's Celebrate the New Year!

Explore the principles of geometry and design your own Times Square Ball.

November Events

November 3

One of Our Favorite Makers is BACK

Ray Rumore from Ray's Robot will be at the Explorium on Sat. Nov 3 at 1:30pm until 3pm. Come join him and build your own "Bristle Bot". While supplies last!

November 3-4

Communicate With Me

How to Say "Communicate With Me" in nine languages! Learn how nano-technology is used in communication, explore the international Code of Signals, design your own code to use with friends and send messages!!

November 10-11

Wanted: FBI Agents

Wanted: FBI Agents for fingerprinting! Use our materials to practice your skills in Forensic Science! Make all kinds of "prints" that are uniquely yours!

November 17

Celebrate National Geopgraphic's Geography Awareness Week

Maker Spotlight: Join Marine Archaelogy Divers for an interactive activity and become marine archaelogist to discover what happened to the sunkin ship many years ago. Let's uncover some buried treasure!

November 17-18

Be A Wildlife Detective

Discover the "Animal Prints" of various animals as they leave their tracks when they gather food in the winter! Create your own prints as you create their natural habitats!

November 23-25

Let's Celebrate Nature

Patterns, pattern, Patterns everywhere! Discover how nature beautifully illustrates the Fibonacci sequence. Have fun creating beautiful keepsakes using patterns from Nature.

October Events

October 6-7

National Space Week

We're celebrating the UNited Nations National Space Week. Come join our special guest from the Cradle of Aviation. We'll have exciting activities to elarn how "Space Unites the World".

October 13-14

Earth Science Week

Let's Celebrate this year's Earth Science Week with the themes of "Earth as Inspiration". We're gong to discover the reasons why an earthquakes happens. DO you know which earthquake happened on your birthday? Let's find Out!

October 20-21

National Chemistry Week

It's National Chemistry Week - Chemistry is OUT of this World! As one of only 250 organizations nationwide to receive the National Informal Science Education Chemistry kits, let's have some fun with wacky chemistry activities!

October 27

Member Appreciation Day

All members are invited to come join us on Oct 27th. Come enjoy some Halloween fun and games, a bagel brunch and of course, all the Explorium has to offer. Come dressed in a costumne and get a goody bag to go.

October 27-28

Halloween Week

We all have a favorite old t-shirt/s. Let's create a fun bag to collect our favorite candies for Halloween and reuse our handmade bags ALL year round.

September Events

September 8-9

What kind of house would a robot like to live in?

Come build a "house" for Vernie, our Lego robot to live and have fun in at the Explorium! I bet he would love a "rollercoaster" in his bedroom!

September 15-16

Sad summer is over?

Well, not at the Explorium! Come join us as we explore our beautiful Port Jefferson Harbor front and do some late summer gardening. Special exploration program on Sept 16th at 1:30pm and 3 pm. First come, first serve.

September 22-23

NO more straws!

Let's keep straws out of our landfill. We're going to "Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose" straws into creative inventions.

September 29-30

Come have fun with Little Bits!

Build a "Bubble Bot". Build your own bubble blowing contraptions while learning about circuits and invention! Let your imagination guide your next invention!

August Events

August 1-5

Are you having fun with your shadow like Moonbear?

Come join us as we investigate, play, and try to “scare” away our shadows!

August 8-12

Let’s have fun with that A in STEAM and create a “Masterpiece” using shore materials.

(Camp Week) Will you design and build a statue from natural materials, a collage of garbage that has no place on our beaches, a beautiful necklace out of shells? Or do you have another idea in mind?

August 15-19

Come and visit our beautiful native plant garden in full bloom.

Borrow an exploration “backpack” from the Explorium and be a ‘plant detective’!

August 22-26

Gone Fishing!

Make your own fishing pole with a magnet to lure and attract your own fish! How big a fish can you catch? What “bait” works best?

August 29- September 02

Bridge Building Using a variety of materials, design

Build a structure that spans our “river” and supports as much weight as possible!

July Events

July 5-8

It's "Patriotic Polymer" Time!

Make the perfect Patriotic Phlubber using the materials provided.

July 11-15

Green Engineering Challenge-

Design and Construct a Car using recycled Materials.

July 18-22

Bait Your Hook!

Design Bait that attracts fish.

July 25-29

Ships Ahoy!

Design a Rocky Shoreline with a Lighthouse to keep ships safe.

June Events

June 2,3

Explore the Mysteries of Our Planet Earth

June 2- Create Paper Mountains as you experience the dynamics of the pull of gravity.
June 3- Experience the Strong Protective Magnetic Field of our Planet Earth.

June 9

Eastern Long Island Mini Maker Faire

The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth! 10 am – 5 pm, Port Jefferson Village Center, Harborfront and Long Island Explorium. Buy your tickets now!

June 10

Design and Create a Model to illustrate the different Phases of the Moon.

June 16,17

Happy Fathers Day!

Using a variety of materials, design ,create, and Launch a Rocket with your Dad!

June 23,24

Bug Houses!

Join us to design and construct Homes for Invertebrates using Native Plant Materials.

June 30, July 1

Discover the Science behind Ice Cream as you Measure, Shake,and Taste your Ice Cream.

May Events

May 5-6

Exoplanet Transits

Design a Transit Method to assist NASA scientists’ search for distant planets.

Maker Spotlight!

May 5 – Ray and his robot “ Volt”. Teach kids to make their own Bristlebots

May 12-13

Message in a Bottle for A Special Woman in your Life

Write a Heartfelt message and place in a decorated bottle for a Keepsake for your Mother.

May 19-20

Space Telescope

Design, build, and test a tool to discover new discoveries to better understand the Universe.

May 26-27

Mars Rover

Program a Mars Rover to navigate and collect valuable information for NASA Scientists (good to match with a coding activity)