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2023 End of Year Appeal

Our End Of Year Appeal is live.  Our 2023 Year in Review can be found here. We could not have done this without your support and your contributions are critical in continuing to deliver mission driven, impact-focused, award-winning programming and services.  Thank you for your support.

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You can make a donation today by visiting our Donation Page to make your contribution. You can make a one-time donation or sign up to make a reoccurring contribution.

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More Ways to Support Us

Learn more about the additional ways you can support the Explorium through Corporate Employee Programs, Matching Gifts, Library Memberships, and Amazon Smile

Who We Are

We are a lighthouse of enriching STEM programs that foster inventive thinking and serve as a catalyst for empowerment. We promote and support STEM discovery, learning, and innovation that will shape the intellect, social values, and principles of future generations.

Why Support Us

The Explorium is a special place because it touches so many lives. The minute a visitor steps into our museum, they enter a world of possibilities, wonder, creativity, and joy. There is no “sweeter” sound than a crying child refusing to leave the Explorium at the end of their visit.

When we bring our enrichment programs to underserved, under-represented communities on Long Island and beyond, we ignite their curiosity, drive their imagination, and remove barriers that perpetuate the gender and minority stereotypes of who can be successful in STEM.

End of Year Report

Please consider making a donation to support our continued efforts to bring joy, enrichment, and empowerment. 

The Long Island Explorium is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, charitable organization, so your contributions are tax-deductible.  You can make a one-time donation or sign up to make a reoccurring contribution. Our tax ID 06-1723721.

If you have a DAF at Fidelity Investments, please click on the link to visit the  DAF Direct Page

Contact Angeline Judex, Executive Director at 631-431-1192 or via email at
Checks can be mailed to P.O Box 465, Port Jefferson, NY 11777.

Become a Member!

Membership and support are vital more than ever to sustain the Long Island Explorium.

The Explorium is more than just a science museum. We are constantly diversifying and experimenting with new ideas and strategies for you to discover the wonders of STEM. As a member, you can come and experience all that the Explorium can offer as often as you like.  Foster a lifelong love of STEM now.

**All membership levels with the Long Island Explorium. Free admission to hundreds of museums around the world through the ASTC Travel Program.

There is a 90-mile restriction; you cannot visit museums within 90 miles of Long Island Explorium. Details for the program are below Reciprocity Lists.

There are different membership levels to choose from based on the number of children in your membership: 

Each membership includes admissions for ANY two adults with children.
(Prices are reflected here without any discounts that may be applied - any discounts would be reflected on your final checkout page).

$60 Basic Family Membership (2 adults and 1 Child)

  • 5% off programs and camps
  • ASTC Travel Program**

$90 Extended Family Membership (2 adults and 2 Children)

  • 5% off programs and camps
  • Additional 2 kids for a birthday party (offer is transferable to a friend) $30
  • ASTC Travel Program**

$120 Premium Family Membership (2 adults and 3 Children*)

  • 5% off programs and camps
  • Additional 3 kids for a birthday party (offer is transferable to a friend)
  • ASTC Travel Program**

$150 Premium Family Membership (2 adults and 4 Children*)

  • Benefits of Premium Family Membership for 4 children)

$180 Premium Family Membership (2 adults and 5 Children*)

  • Benefits of Premium Family Membership for 5 children)

Reciprocity Lists

Membership with the Long Island Explorium has even more benefits this year.  Explore even more! As a Long Island Explorium member, you are eligible for free or reduced general admission at hundreds of children's museums and science centers across the United States & world!

For ALL Members

You must have the NEW membership card with the ASTC logo on it. (All existing members must exchange their current membership card for the new one. Please bring your old card to the Long Island Explorium, and you will receive your new Membership card with our logo).

BEFORE YOU GO - check that the museum that you are visiting is participating in the passport program. Check that it is more than 90 miles from the Explorium.
*This distance is measured “as the crow flies,” meaning that it is based on the linear radius, not the driving distance.

Online radius tools can be helpful when determining if a Passport venue is within a 90-mile radius of the Explorium.  Go to
This tool allows you to draw two circles in different colors.  Enter the address of the museum where you are a member first (or their home address, if the museum they wish to visit checks IDs).  Then, enter the address of the museum you wish to visit and create a new circle in a different color.

We are a museum dedicated to making a difference in the lives of so many through the amazing potential of STEM.

Please consider making a donation to support our continued efforts to bring joy, enrichment and empowerment in our new reality moving forward.

More Ways to Support Us

Corporate Employee Programs

Help us develop the next generation of Tinkerers and Thinkers, Innovators and Scientists.

What you see onsite at the Explorium is only a fraction of the work we do to fuel innovation. Corporate philanthropy enables us to produce unique, imaginative STEAM education with particular emphasis on reaching underserved communities on Long Island and beyond. Learn more here.

Library Memberships

All community libraries are invited to become a Member of the Long Island Explorium, which enables their patrons to visit for free.  Contact us for our annual pass rate and further information. Library Memberships are a great way to offer your library patrons more opportunities to learn and discover.  Each pass is valid for entry for 2 adults and 4 children. To enroll in our Library Membership Program, please contact us for an application form.

Matching Gifts

Many companies support their employees efforts to be charitable citizens of their communities. If your company has a matching gift program, we hope that you will consider making a donation. Please contact us for more information.

Amazon Smile

You can support the Explorium when you shop on Amazon! Click here to have a portion of your purchases donated to the Explorium through AmazonSmile. Search for Long Island Explorium.