In summer 2019, the Decision Women in Commerce and Professions provided funding to create the Long Island Explorium Sensory Garden in front of the Long Island Explorium.

A grant from the Laura B. Vogler Foundation is enabling us to implement a program that will expand the impact of the Annual Eastern Long Island Mini-Maker Faire by providing year-round investigations at the Long Island Explorium led by selected Long Island, Westchester and New York City inventors and artisans from each Mini Maker Faires. The enthusiastic makers, chosen for their family-friendly concepts, will mentor families as they delve into their own designs inspired by the work of the makers. Please check out the list of creative and unique Makers we have been privileged to have, made possible by this grant.

Long Island Sound Futures Fund ( LISFF)

Rain Gardens at Port Jefferson Harbor: Linking Water, Wildlife and Waterways (NY)

The Long Island Explorium will install native plant rain gardens with 80 volunteers in high-visibility public sites and provide natural landscaping guidance to 400 community members in Port Jefferson, New York. The project will demonstrate to 800,000+ visitors using the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson ferry how rain gardens improve the water quality and biodiversity of Long Island Sound.

My Yard, Our Sound project

In 2016-2017, the Long Island Explorium was awarded a grant from the Federal agency, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. The  Explorium  worked with partners to create a model initiative that will increase knowledge, stewardship, and a sense of responsible ownership of the ecological health of the Long Island Sound through transformations of home landscaping using native plants. This project is on-going at the Explorium. Visitors can participate in an  interactive My Yard, Our Sound Exhibit and learn how and why native plants directly impact the health and living resources of Long Island Sound.

In 2017, the Explorium was awarded funds from Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. The funds were used to support website redesign and technology upgrades at the Explorium.


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This grant from the Long Island Community Foundation allowed the Long Island Explorium to offer a series of Educate the Educator sessions.  This series of 5 sessions will engage 6th grade Science teachers in the North Babylon Science District, to teach them pedagogy and methodology that they can incorporate back into their classrooms.

The Educate the Educator program will have lasting effects, as teachers are able to utilize this throughout the school year.  We believe that a comprehensive approach must be delivered, and that is why we are offering programs that don't reach the students on a one-off basis, but instead we are educating teachers to continue these lessons and enhance their own teaching skills, while we help them to grow their in-classroom STEAM lessons and programs, gain confidence in these curriculum areas, and inspire their student helping them to generate excitement and student gain interest in STEAM

This is the second year that the Explorium has been awarded a grant from LICF. In 2017-2018, the grant supported the Educate the Educator program at William Floyd School District.