Junior Roboticists Workshops

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This series will help to introduce participants to the varied and ever-evolving world of robotics. We will discuss and review what they are and why we use them, before learning about a particular aspect of robots, and their role in helping the entire system. This then culminates into a short craft and in-depth activity to solidify and inspire their future endeavors in the field.

Each day will start with an introduction to robotics to help define and set up a basic foundational understanding (ex. What is a robot? What makes a robot? Why do we build them? etc.) This will then lead to one of four topics depending on the day.

  1. August 2 - Junior Roboticists - Girls of Steel - Understanding Robotics
  2. August 3 - Junior Roboticists - Engineering Design - Exploring Circuits
  3. August 9 - Junior Roboticists - Girls + Code - Coding & Programming
  4. August 10 - Junior Roboticists - Robots in our Life - Movement & Mechanisms

We will also highlight females in STEM each day, related to the topic at hand and/or are involved with robotics.

Geared towards grades 3rd - 5th.

Junior Roboticists Workshops

Series of 4 workshop celebrating and introduce participants to the varied and ever-evolving world of robotics. As well as highlighting females in STEM.

Dates & Times: August 2nd, 3rd, 9th & 10th, from 1 PM to 3 PM

  • August 2 - Junior Roboticists - Girls of Steel - Understanding Robotics
    We have robots for everything - from mowing our lawns and working in factories, to robots that can look and act just like humans - but have you ever wondered about where robots came from and how they work? This session will guide you through the history and key innovations in the world of robotics, and campers will walk away with two of their own robot creations! This serves as a great overview to robotics, and works well for those with a budding interest or curiosity.
  • August 3 - Junior Roboticists - Engineering Design - Exploring Circuits
    Circuits are more than just our lightbulbs and switches, they’re inside practically every piece of technology that we use every day. From computers, gaming consoles, phones, and of course, robots! Campers will get hands-on experience with circuits by working with conductive ink and clay to design their own creations, and learn about some different electrical components and their functions to help robots do what they do.
  • August 9 - Junior Roboticists - Girls + Code - Coding & Programming
    There are lots of languages to learn, but have you ever thought about trying to communicate with a computer? Programming languages are a way for us to give instructions and get information from our computers. Writing code is applied everywhere from website design, video games, and configuring a robot’s “brain”. Campers will get the chance to code different robots, design jewelry with hidden binary messages, and take turns designing code for each other to accomplish tasks.
  • August 10 - Junior Roboticists - Robots in our Life - Movement & Mechanisms
    While it may seem straightforward when you watch a robot move around, there is a lot under the surface. Linkages, gears, mechanisms, and motors are all components that allow for movement and degrees of freedom. Learn about the difference between actuators and effectors, and create your own motor and mechanical puppets!

Price: $20 per session (to cover costs of materials)

If you have any questions or issues registering, email lisa@longislandexplorium.org

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Junior Roboticists Header

Victoria Heffern

Junior Roboticist Program Faciliator
Before working towards her degree in Robotics Engineering at WPI, Victoria helped create a robotics team at her high school - the Centereach CouGears. As president of the club for 3 years, she oversaw programming and building alongside team management. The team participated in various Vex Robotics Competitions (including the World Championship in Kentucky), helping to foster a love for these engineering disciplines and encouraging her to advocate for their inclusion within the district. At WPI, she continues to develop robotics projects, learn programming languages, and hopes to inspire others to do the same by teaching concepts at the Explorium.

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