Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

The Long Island Explorium is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization and could not operate without the contributions of our volunteers who contribute their time, ideas, and energy. Their unique talents enable the Explorium to offer its current level of services to the community.

All of us at the Long Island Explorium are committed to provide an enriched experience for children and their parents through a hands-on challenge based approach to learning. We strive to provide an engaging experience that can only be achieved by the combined efforts of a dedicated skilled team of employees and volunteers. The volunteer program is flexible, matching available opportunities to your talent and availability.

We are recruiting Volunteers for the Summer as we reopen!

Are you looking for meaningful volunteer opportunities that can earn you community service hours? Volunteer opportunities that would help develop your interpersonal and organizational skills, strengthen your expertise in STEM and position yourself as a well-rounded student?  The Explorium is looking for energetic, mature, and passionate volunteers for our Children's Museum.
Additional volunteer opportunities in the following areas - 
  1. Museum Guides - spend your summer interacting with children and families while sharing your passion for STEM and the Arts.
  2. Journalists of the future - you are passionate about STEM, gender equity, social justice, climate science, and the environment. We are looking for individuals who LOVE to write, especially for an online and web audience. 
  3. Social media copywriters - you have a knack for delivering strong messages using very few words. You thrive on grabbing the reader's attention and driving them to action.
  4. Citizen Scientists - provide the scientific community with valuable data, and give you as a participant first-hand experience in science practices. https://longislandexplorium.org/citizen-science/.

If you have prior experience in these areas, we would love to hear from you. If you don't but want to get your feet wet, do drop us a line. Send an email to: a.judex@longislandexplorium.org


We also have online citizen science volunteer opportunities. Find out more here:  Virtual Volunteering Opportunities



We're HIRING NOW. Deadline for application: Jan 31st.

Join our Team and help inspire the next generation of leaders.

Enriching and empowering lives through STEM

If you are looking for an educator position that continues to support your love of teaching in a child-centered environment, then the Long Island Explorium is the ideal place for you. 

We are currently accepting applications for both in person and virtual teaching opportunities.