Press Release – A Visual Dialogue Art Exhibit


Lisa Rodriguez
Director Digital Media/
Marketing Long Island Explorium

The Long Island Explorium, in partnership with Stony Brook University Visual Arts students, presents:  A Visual Dialogue on Environmental Issues.

The Long Island Explorium is pleased to announce “A Visual Dialogue on Environmental Issues,”; a digital art exhibit produced in partnership with Stony Brook University Visual Arts students.  This Exhibition is a collaboration between Lecturer Han Qin’s digital art courses at Stony Brook University and Long Island Explorium, focusing on the balance of local community needs fueled with artistic insight on environmental justice. Supported by the Museum Association of New York (MANY) and the “Building Capacity, Creating Sustainability, Growing Accessibility,” an IMLS CARES Act grant project designed to help museums impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic share their collections and reach audiences who cannot physically visit their museums.

This exhibition was curated with the goal to not only display striking and powerful visual messages but also to spark conversation among a wide audience range and to open doors to social, economic, and environmental justice. It demonstrates a view that artists and curators can successfully portray, analyze, and stimulate discourse on environmental challenges that affect our most vulnerable citizens and communities.

“We are ecstatic to receive this award and deliver this exciting exhibit to continue to be responsive and reflective of the diverse communities we aim to reach. We strive to use technology to deliver pieces that spark dialogue and action.”, said Angeline Judex, MPA, Executive Director, Long Island Explorium. 

“The Long Island Explorium was selected due to our perseverance in the face of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic and our commitment to STEM and those in our communities on Long Island and New York,” explained Lisa Collet Rodriguez, M.S. Director, Digital Media/Marketing, Long Island Explorium. “We are pleased to work with Han Qin from Stony Brook University and the student artists that spent time researching, analyzing, and then visually representing some of the environmental issues affecting high need communities throughout Long Island and beyond.  One of the program’s initial goals is to assist and successfully respond to one of the biggest challenges created by the pandemic:  how we reach audiences that cannot visit the Long Island Explorium in person. The pandemic has provided the Explorium with an opportunity to re-imagine our program delivery methods and engage our online audiences through meaningful content on a much larger scale, while advocating and encouraging positive action.” 

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This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services [CAGML-246991-OMLS-20].  

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