Summer Camp: Superheroes Scream STEAM

Jul 22, 2019 9:00AM—Jul 26, 2019 12:00PM

Cost $325


July 22-26
Superheroes Scream STEAM

Design your heroes and let’s see their super powers soar.
Some of our Super Heroes are in trouble and need some help to fight crime and save the day! They know that as engineers, you have just the skills they need to get the job done. Everyday is a new adventure like Catch the Villain, Bridge to Safety!, Mighty Power Boost Catapult, Mighty Mobile, Spidey Spins a Web day!

  1. Catch the Villain  The Joker is causing havoc and Batman needs to stop him! Create and build a trap to help Batman catch the Joker!
  1. Bridge to Safety!  A huge storm has hit NYC and demolished the bridges. There is no way for people to leave. Design and build a bridge to help Captain America get the people of NYC to safety.
  1. Mighty Power Boost Catapult  Superman’s super powers have become weakened by his exposure to Kyrptonite.  Design and engineer a machine that will help Superman launch necessary supplies to people stranded on an island.
  1. Mighty Mobile  Batman’s Bat Mobile is at the auto repair shop and he needs to get across town quickly to stop one of Joker’s evil plots! Design and build a vehicle that will go as far and as fast as possible down a ramp to get Batman to the other side of the city.
  1. Spidey Spins a Web  Our Superhero could use some help! He would like to have some extra webs to catch the bad guys and knows that as engineers, you have the needed skills. Help Spidey…. Design and create a web that will support weight of the culprits.

Age: K – Grade 5

Cost:  $325/week/child (discounts available, see discount section)

           includes a nut and allergy free snack.

Time: 9 - 12 pm. Drop off beginning at 8:30 am.


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