Letter from the Executive Director, Our commitment to equality to all

Junetheeth is a day of reflection and resolution for many in our community. I struggled with how best to send a message out in response to the great pain and anger that has enveloped our communities across America and do the message the justice it deserves. Racial inequality and injustice are issues that permeate all areas of our lives. Solutions to these issues are yet to be found but we welcome the discussions and learning.

We all stand together against racism and racial injustice. We have a duty and responsibility to our future generations to actively be part of the change that we would like to see.

For the past 15 years, the Explorium has tried our best to bring our resources and STEM programming to underserved communities all across Long Island and beyond. During this pandemic, we have had insightful conversations with the communities we serve. We have listened and learned that they are experiencing daunting challenges that would require significant resources to overcome in the upcoming months. We hope to work more closely with these communities to better serve their needs and help them overcome the significant barriers they are facing. Like all science and technology centers and museums, we have a common vision that ALL people are able to “access, participate and benefit equitably from educational opportunities and scientific contributions to society”.

I am committed to ensuring that our Explorium continues to be a welcoming and inclusive place for our communities to participate and enjoy. We are not perfect and we have more work to do in listening more deeply to the communities we serve and in helping make the world more equitable and just. We will strive to put the values of diversity, accessibility, inclusion and equity at the core of our work and our strategic direction.

I wish you all peace and health.



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